Precision Cargo Logistics

Precision Cargo Logistics is a provider of global transportation and logistics services. We use our extensive, customer-driven solutions, experience and flexible infrastructure to deliver end-to-end management and door-to-door services for your cargo. We meet the distinctive requirements of your business, and we are deeply committed to serving our customers.  Established in 2015, Precision Cargo Logistics Inc. is a fast-growing leader in the freight-forwarding, transportation and logistics industries. We provide customers in North America and worldwide with expedited air, ground and ocean heavyweight shipping services, in addition to project management, reverse logistics, warehousing and distribution, custom brokerage and compliance, and logistic services. Precision Cargo Logistics also designs customized solutions to tailor-fit customer-specific needs.

At Precision Cargo Logistics, we are deeply committed to our customers, partners and employees. We have the highest professional standards and provide Precision Service with every shipment we deliver.

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What are we good at…?

No two shipments are alike. Whether you’re shipping over sized cargo to an isolated location or running multiple hotshots on a tight schedule, there’s always someone at Precision Cargo Logistics that knows just how to handle your freight. Below, you’ll find an ever-evolving selection of case studies that showcase the many ways Precision Cargo Logistics can work for you. You’ll also find some of these case studies listed on their related services page.



  • OIL & GAS



Let our specialized teams and intelligent solutions develop made-to-fit strategies for your global shipping and logistics needs.